10th October

Sarah declared today should be fuck it Friday!

We took Ben to school and then came home to sort out the rubbish. We also decided as we were going into Bishop Auckland we would go to the dump and get rid of all of the cardboard boxes that I’d emptied this week that were hanging out in the shed. The dump is so different to the ones in Kent as the staff are so friendly and helpful – excuse me which bin does this go in? Don’t worry sir I’ll take that for you!

Afterwards we went for breakfast in Tesco and then next door into the poundshop where we managed to get some of the things we needed like bulbs for the kitchen light which were 2 for £1 in here compared to £3 each in Tesco and 2 for £5 in Wilkinsons. We also got some silicon for the window, some highlighters for Sarah’s OU and a couple of advent calanders.

By now we had got almost everything we needed but we still went into the town centre anyway. We looked in Wilkinsons and then Sarah wanted to buy Ben a long sleeved top for his trip next week.  On the way back we mooched in the charity shops and i found a copy of an album by a local comedian Bobby Thompson.  My parents were quite big fans of his local humour and even went to see him perform a couple of times. I decided it must have been a while a ago and Thompson died in 1988. I bought the better looking of the two copies they had for a quid!


The traffic chaos has been getting worse all week! Even though the bit of the road that passes the end of the road the school is in was resurfaced yesterday the traffic lights had been placed at the end of the school road and tonight a huge lorry had helpfully stopped blocking the entrance. So we had to drive past and go down to the petrol station to turn round. We then had to sit in the traffic jam going the other way till we could get to the junction. Poor Ben was one of the last ones left in the yard by the time we got there.

Today was Becky’s 21st birthday but as she is down in Brighton we sent her cards through but we’re going down at half term to see her. Sadly I also heard from my eldest daughter that her Gran died this morning. I’d sent her a text asking how she was yesterday so I knew that it was imminent so when I got a phone call from her this evening I knew straight away what it was. (It’s her mum’s birthday tomorrow too). She’d been ill for sometime and had been suffering from dimentia for even longer so in some ways it’s a release.

By coincidence when I went to the chippy tonight the moon was rising blood red from the east – the direction of where she died!


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