9th October

One of those days where what you were planning to do just went straight out of the window. One of my colleagues dropped some last minute music stings my way. They were needed for tomorrow which is typical of her. One of my former colleagues used to call her the seagull because she dashes in, flaps around,  shits on everyone and leaves!

The roadworks are still going on and they were resurfacing the stretch of road where it meets the road the school is in which caused absolute chaos at picking up time.  We ended up having to park on the main road and dodge the road roller to get over to pick Ben up. We had to double back through the backstreets to avoid the traffic on the way back.

Ben went to cubs and we had to dash over to Consett to get Lissi.  Driving back it was just getting dark which was lovely driving through the countryside in the half light. Ben got his cub badges to replace the ones he had from his previous pack.


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