13th October

As I was walking into the office this morning I saw someone who I’d never seen before walking through the car park towards our building.  I knew straight away that he was the new designer in our department – even though I wasn’t actually aware that anyone was actually starting! It’s odd going back into the office after such a long time away.

The weather continues to be disgusting down here – I think it’s actually better at home at the moment.  I went to Tesco on the way back to Barbara’s and had to run through the car park to get in out of the rain. Then having put all my stuff through the self service checkout I realised that I’d left mt wallet in the car and had to run through the rain to get it.

Sarah’s mum was looking after Sarah’s brothers two cats while they went away and just before theywere due back one of them went out and has yet to return. She’s really upset about it and has even contacted the local Cat Protection people about it. I was in on my own tonight and must have opened the front doorto have a look every single time I heard a noise!

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