14th October

Oh god what a day at work! When i went in today all of the files in the project i was working on had disappeared or been corrupted or something. It took me till 11am just to get the two files i was currently using restored and the rest of the day to restore the rest……and I’m still not convinced they’re all back 😦

I left work feeling really low but on the way back to Barbara’s i got the good news that Chubby the cat had been found! Sarah’s brother and his girlfriend had been round and put up posters and it had had an almost immediate effect – someone called to say they’d found him. He’d been seen at a pub about half a mile to the east of the house and had follwed someone home, past the end of the street and ended up about half a mile i  the opposite direction! He was chilling on the chair when I got back – actually he was taking up most of it!


He is actually huge, almost like a dog. I’d been stroking him for ages but it wasn’t until he stood up and walked through to the kitchen that I realised the full extent of him! I think Barbara was sad to see him go but happy that it had all turned out well in the end!


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