16th October

Just before I left work last night I opened an email from a client that I had sent something to earlier.  It was really negative and it made me feel really low for the rest of the evening. However today, after a really bad nights sleep, and after it had been pointed out to her that it was the concept she was meant to be looking at rather than the finish she came back and said she really liked it!

Anyway since I started doing this this was the most I’ve ever been glad to be driving home. It didn’t help, given I was tired before I even left, that i found the motorway closed at one point and was sent on a 25 mile excursion around single carriageway roads before rejoining the A1 just south of Blyth services where I was glad to stop but the diversion had added over half an hour to my journey.

For the last few weeks I’ve been arriving in the village between 11 and midnight and I’ve been contemplating the idea of last orders in the pub. Well tonight as Ben was still away at his camp Sarah and Lissi had gone down to the hotel where Lissi works. I thought they’d probably would have already gone home by the time I got there but they hadn’t. So I had a pint in the bar while talking to one of the locals called Terry. I love this place it’s so friendly AND I didn’t have to pay for the beer! 🙂

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