19th October

We went shopping today and instead of going to Consett like we usually do we went to Bishop Auckland instead. We decided (Sarah and I that is) that we were fed up of chicken and we would get a nice bit of beef even though we knew we’d be the only two who ate it. The prices are extortionate but we found a small bit that we felt we could afford and got that. The shopping came out at a heart stopping £125 and that was on top of the £7 we’d already spent at the little fruit and veg shop in Crook that we like. I know we bought a lot of stuff to put away for Christmas and I bought some oil for the car (which incidentally has been put into a new design bottle and had a massive price increase added to it!) but even so it’s been a long time since we spent that much in one go!

Anyway we were just about ready to serve dinner and I was just bending down to check on the yorkshires when everything went black! My first thought was “what did I do” but we soon realised that it had gone dark all over the estate and on the new estate too – another power cut! So we scrabbled round looking for torches and candles and solar lamps and eventually managed to get the dinner served and we ate it by candlelight. We were just about to look up the Powergrid number or phone Sarah’s mum to get her to do it as we were struggling to get any decent signal on the phones as well (think the Vodafone mast must have been knocked out too) when all the lights came back on.

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