31st December

So 2014 draws to a close and let’s face it what a year it’s been!  I was thinking about it earlier and something hit me! I’m sure for years Sarah and I had toasted in the new year by saying “here’s to 20xx it can’t be any worse than the last one” and it invariably was. I’m absolutely positive that in the last few minutes of 2013 we decided not to say that and it must have worked because it all changed in 2014. However if you’d told us at that moment what 2014 held in store I’m pretty sure we have both laughed and said you were insane!

So in review in 2014 I…….

Posed for Spencer Tunick in Folkestone

Moved 300 miles north to a small village in County Durham

Left the job I’d had for 26 years (approx half my life)

So after such a good year it seemed fitting to celebrate it ending.

A few years ago we went to Newcastle on Christmas eve and they had a parade and fireworks so we decided to go again. Luckily I checked on the Internet because apparently the route had changed this year. So we went over to Newcastle and after changing a couple of presents we went to find somewhere to watch the parade from.

One thing that always annoys me in these situations is that hsving got there early and found a good spot to watch from there’s always dome arrogant arse who thinks he can turn up late and push his way to the front or even just walk down the middle of the road and stand in front of you. It happened in Brighton at Burning the Clocks and you could see it happening here as well.



The parade turned out to be a bit rubbish, not like we remembered it. People around us were saying the same. Someone commented that if that was the parade what was the fireworks going to be, two bangers and a sparkler? We followed the parade all the wsy down to the quayside where it was absolutely packed. We waited in a side street until just after 6 when it finally started.


Afterwards we headed back to the central station to cstch the Metro to where we parked thr car. We drove home and had time to order a pizza before heading out again to Allendale for the annual Tar Barrel parade to see in the new year.




The parade seemed to start earlier than usual and therefore the bonfire which usually gets lit at midnight was well ablaze by about ten to. The fire was enormous and sparks were flying everywhere so we decided to move back a bit. We kept looking at the time and eventually the woman behing said oh sod it and started a countdown which turned out to be remarkably accurate and so 2014 ended.


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