I foolishly said “If I get a job in the North East we can get a dog!”

So needless to say I’ve been held to this!

So we went to Dog’s Trust at Darlington to have a look and see what they had! My only stipulation was that it was a man dog – not a male dog but a dog that a man wouldn’t be embarrassed to be see out with. The Dog’s Trust had a variety but the one that took our fancy was a black saluki.

dog 1

We went through all the processes and filled out all the forms and the only bugbear was that they didn’t know how she was with cats. So they decided that before they came out to us to do the home visit they would try her with a stunt cat. They had a friendly cat that they used to test dog’s reactions. Sadly for us she went for the cat as soon as they were introduced so it was back to the drawing board.

Then Sarah saw an advert for someone near us trying to rehome a greyhound. We went to see it and Ralph was a real softy – when we got there it was sitting on the sofa with one of the owners cats. We decided to take him and we put this lumbering animal in the car and took him home. All was good for the first two weeks but then he started to get quite aggressive and started barking for no particular reason. Sarah contacted the original owner and he said that this had never happened but during the discussion it was agreed that he would take Ralph back. Looking back it probably was for the best although Ben was upset as Ralph had takne to sleeping on his bed!

dog 2

At this point we decided that we would wake until after Christmas before looking again but Sarah also signed us up to an agency called barking mad. We ended up having a small dog named Sebi with us over the Christmas period.

dog 3

Sebi was somewhat precious and came with his own special food which included mozzarella and hot dogs which she liked. The rest of the food was vegetarian and gluten free and she wouldn’t touch that – she ended up eating the left over turkey! She came with presents which she pissed on on Christmas morning and several jumpers including a special Christams one. On the whole she wasn’t too much bother and we had to take pictures of her to send to the owners so they knew she was ok. One of the pictures was taken at the Angel of the North which prompted the reply “Oh I wanted to go there and now Sebi has gone without me!”

dog 4

The search for our own dog would resume in the new year!



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