6th February

My company certainly knows how to put the cat among the pigeons! We had it all planned out – Sarah was going off to Sunderland on the Wednesday of half term and I was going up to Birmingham on a job which finished in the early hours of Friday so I’d stay over night and then drive up to Sunderland when I got up.

However today it was all change and now it looks as though I’m off to Paris and Luxembourg instead. Now I know that sounds like a much better option but it’ll mean that I’ll now end up at Heathrow airport on Friday evening rather then in Birmingham on Friday morning so god knows what time I’ll get up to Sunderland. Sarah’s not impressed but you’d think she’d be used to this sort of thing after 11 years!

On a brighter note we now have our summer holidays booked but have given up on our idea of having a week in a VW camper. The prices for hiring the camper were coming in at around £700 for the week and on top of that there would have been site fees and a £500 cash security deposit. We’ve now got two weeks in lovely looking cottages – one in Mousehole in Cornwall for the first week and one between Glastonbury and Weston-super- Mare for the second week. The cost for the two weeks? £770 – so less than the campervan would have cost us! We just need somewhere to stay for the night of the 22nd as the first week runs from Friday to Friday whereas the second week is Saturday to Saturday.

One exciting idea is that I always wanted to go to the Minack theatre in Porthcurno – ever since I went there to see Ken Kesey and the bus Furthur there in 1999 during the eclipse. So I had a look to see if there was anything good on while we were there and bugger me if it isn’t Spamalot!! Got to do that although I think we may consider the matinee just in case it gets cold at night!

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