11th February

Working up in London today filming for a conference in a few weeks time. So I’m off on the 9:54 train to Cannon Street and then a brief walk to the venue. When I get there no one knows anything about it but eventually somebody takes me round to the other side of the building and just as I get there the driver calls me to say he’s outside the main entrance. So I get him to drive round and have to stand out in the rain to wait for him. No sooner do we get all the kit inside than someone else appears and points out that we would have been better off coming in the other door!

Anyway we have to go up in the lift to the 6th floor and then push the equipment through the offices to another set of lifts which takes us up to a meeting room on floor 6.5!! The room is quite small and very hot so I decide that using lights probably isn’t going to be great so end up filming people while they stand under a skylight! Well this is ok for the lady I film first but I have to get the second guy to step back as the light is bouncing off his bald head!


After a couple of hours I then have to move down to the basement to film the chef in the kitchen. He struggles to string sentences together and it takes him ages to get through his script! The only bit he’s any good at is when it comes to talking about his food! I then have to film him plating up but really struggle with getting the shot in focus in such a small space! It doesn’t help that he plates up the starter and then I realise I haven’t actually put the camera into record and he has to do it again!

I then have to film the man who has chosen the wines – by contrast we can’t shut him up and end up having to have the client standing behind me giving him time cues! I was hoping they’d be opening the wine for the tasting that was going on and we might get to try it but sadly it was not to be! Didn’t get to try the food either but that wasn’t the end of the world as I didn’t fancy the mackeral and the main course just looked like a glorified chicken nugget! The dessert looked nice though but it was just as well I didn’t get any as it was a “fasting” day afterall!

So I then packed everything up and went downstairs to meet the driver – typically enough he went to the door we’d gone in that morning but I was at the other door  so we played out this morning sketch in reverse. Luckily it was easier to get between the two doors this way round and the kit was soon in the van and I had about 15 minutes to get down to Cannon street to catch my train back!


I felt totally out of place on the train on the way back as it was full of really boring suits from the city. As you probably know I’m not backward in coming forwards when it comes to dressing up so I felt like I was travelling  in colour while everyone else was commuting in monochrome!

In the evening I had to do the rubbish and recycling as it was Tuesday. I sorted out all of the bins and was just getting ready to put them out when I remembered that there was one outside. i went to get my trainers and started a chain of events that got me further and further away from what I was trying to do! As I picked up my trainers, which were stored on a shoe rack underneath where we keep the sawdust for the guinea pigs, I noticed a couple of flecks of sawdust on them. As I brushed it off I noticed some rubbish under the shoe rack so decided to pick it up. As I did I thought I should get the dustpan and brush and sweep up the smaller bit! I then went to the cupboard under the sink.

When I opened it I spotted the brush in a dish of horrid water that had leaked from the plumbing so I decided it was time to empty it but I couldn’t get it out from under the pipe as it was too full. So I had to get a jug and scoop some of the water out so I could empty it enough to lift up and out. When I freed it I took it to the toilet to flush it away unfortunately standing in some bleach on the floor that I’d sprayed on the floor where the cat had poo-ed! After flushing the loo I then put the brush in the bin and washed out the dish before putting it back. I then found the proper brush and cleaned up the mess under the shoe rack and put it back. I also wiped up the bleach and then finally PUT ON MY TRAINERS!!!

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