17th June

In a sort of deja vu way I’m on exactly the same train this Tuesday as I was last Tuesday namely the 5:45 to Cannon Street. Ironically it will get me there about 30 minutes early as the one that would get me there at the right time actually left 5 minutes after this one! I’m at the same venue too the Honorable Artillery Company in the city.

Sarah sent me a text while I was on the train to tell me that the two students had obviously forgot about the time difference and had come downstairs about 5 minutes after I left and she’d had to send them back to bed! So maybe I was wrong about the week not being too bad!

The job itself is good though as it turns out to be an award ceremony by the PDSA for Police horse and dogs that were involved in the riots in London a couple of years ago. There is a small stage set up outside for the presentations to the horses and another set inside for the presentation to the dogs. I end up vision mixing to an audience of zero as the idea was that people could watch the outside presentation on the big screen but as it stands the weather is so nice everyone is outside watching!




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