8th July

First day of four at Newmarket doing my annual July job at the Darley stud farm. It’s usually just Wednesday till Friday but this year they decided to run the event today partly as a rehearsal but also for their staff. It was just me on site today with the Mac as they didn’t want the cameras so I just set up on an upturned cable trunk!


The first show was done in glorious sunshine which I could feel beating down on my neck but after a (very nice lunch) the weather had changed and I had to grab an umbrella just in case! As it was I only had to put it up right at the end as a precaution as I felt a few spots of rain as I played the final race.


Good news today as the buyers have accepted our offer of a £1000 reduction in the purchase price to compensate for the damp work that needs doing. We’d fought offering any more for two reasons. Firstly because we’d turned down two higher offers to stick with these people and secondly because we felt that not all the work was needed as some of it was recommendations. Also one quote was £700, the other was £3000!

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