6th January

First day back at work and I feel like shit! Not only am I full of cold but because of the shenanigans of last night we didn’t get to bed till gone two which was never going to be the best idea for an early start!

It’s a measure of how much the issues with the lodger have effected us that as I get out of bed my heart sinks as I mentally prepare myself in case she’s up and about and I bump into her. Thankfully this is short lived as I realise that she’s no longer here. It is also a measure of the distrust we now have of her that we go out in the evening and buy a replacement barrel for the main lock that gives you access to the property. I fit it when we get back although this now means I currently don’t have a key as we need to get some cut!

Sarah keeps me informed as to what’s happening and she does eventually turn up but has to wait outside as Sarah won’t let her in till the Police have arrived.  She then takes forever to pack up her stuff, all the time mumbling about what we’ve done to her. The Policewoman isn’t very impressed either by the length of time it takes or by the attitude coming out of her. I don’t think they were best impressed by her leaving the son outside watching the bags without a coat either.

She’s not happy about the eviction letter or the fact she’s not getting her deposit today either. She scribbles “I do not agree this letter” on the bottom of the eviction notice. She takes all her food from the fridge including the leftovers from a few days ago and the scabby cabbage that had been festering in the salad tray for quite some time.

Finally all her stuff is outside and she hurls one final abusive comment at Sarah, who asks the Police is they think it’s a threat. The Police even end up giving her and her stuff a lift  to wherever they’ve been put. We suspect from the attitude that wherever it is it’s not what she was expecting – it’s not as if we didn’t try and tell her!

At least we’ve got our house back and we can now relax and move on – hopefully things will change soon and this will be the last lodger we’ll need to have.

Today would have been my Grandad’s birthday – I got to wondering how old he would have been so I found his WW2 discharge papers that I knew were somewhere in the house – turns out he was born in 1907 so today would have been his 107 birthday. He wasn’t my “real” Grandad as he married my Gran after the second world war when my Dad was quite young. She lost her first husband to Menengitus and he’d lost his first wife (and baby) in childbirth.

The reason I got to thinking about how old he was was that Attila the Stockbroker posted a thing about his father – who, given that Attila is only 2 years older than me, would have been older than my Grandad! It was a response to Michael Gove’s idiotic comments last week in the Daily Mail about the First World War. Attila’s comment read:

My father Bill Baine was born 115 years ago today – 6 Jan 1899. He fought in the First World War as a teenager and was at the Somme. He got the notorious PUO ‘Pyrexia of Unknown Origin’ fever and was in hospital the day his battalion went over the top. Every single one of them was killed. He died when I was ten, but I so wish he was here today to tell you what he thinks of your contemptible comments about that utterly pointless war.
Here’s the song I wrote for my father. Happy birthday, Bill. Thanks for the words (and love of football!) I inherited from you. And Gove – go fuck yourself.

I’m so relieved that my Grandad was too young to fight in that war – I can’t imagine how it must have been. My other Grandfather did join up and, if the family story is true, lied about his age to do so but I have no idea when or where he served. A lot of my family were in reserved occupations being miners so they spent the war digging the coal to power the industries that made the weapons – and we already know what the Tories did to their children and children’s children. So Mr Gove why don’t you just shut your stupid mouth and let’s hope any commemorations are respectful to the memory of those who were slaughtered in this awful war but a bit of me thinks that over the next 4 years it will all be glorified by those who were too young to have been there.

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