22nd March

Spent most of the day sorting out parts of the house. The utility room has been a disaster area since we moved in 7 years ago! There was a box of stuff we dumped in there the day we moved in and it was still there among the accumulation of stuff that’d been deposited there over the years. Sarah had suggested doing some spring cleaning this weekend and asked me where we should start so I suggested the utility room – I think she was taken aback but went along with the suggestion!


So we spent almost the entire day sorting stuff out and chucking stuff away – so much so that when shown a picture of the tidied room Becky asked “have you been burgled!”. We threw 3 black sacks of rubbish away which after we put them outside some skank decided to rip two of them open to see if there was anything worth having in them! This scattered rubbish all over the front yard which pissed me off as I had to pick it all up in the dark knowing there was cat poo in there as well!

What also annoyed us was that no sooner than the utility room was clean than the washing machine decided to leak all over the floor. We checked the filter and found a hair grip but it still seemed to be leaking. So I ended up with the thing tipped up looking underneath it with a solar lamp and mirror! I also took the top off and looked inside. I couldn’t find anywhere that seemed to be leaking – the front weight was wet which suggested to me that it could be the door seal but after pouring water on it I didn’t see any coming out! Sarah found a video of how to change a door seal which looked straight forward so if the worst comes to the worst I might have ago!

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