17th April


Today we decided to take a boat trip on the Broads. Once again it was Ben’s idea but once we’d found out the price we said ok. The boat left from Oulton Broad at 2pm so we went down early and had our lunch in the park.  Unfortunately by the time we boarded the boat the sun had disappeared but despite the chill it was still a nice hour and a half cruising slowly down the Broads.


The last time I remember being on the Broads was when I was on a family holiday when I was about 12. My Dad owned a sailing dingy which we normally sailed in the sea off Sunderland. We’d camped on a site behind a pub right next to the river and one day we took the boat and put it in the water. No sooner has we done so than the river pilot turned up and told us we had to pay a fee to sail on the Broads. My Dad reluctantly paid up and was given some stick on numbers to put on the boat which my Dad struggled to do upside down!

Once we were done we all popped into the boat and off we went. Unfortunately we discovered that the waterway was a little too narrow and we found we couldn’t tack quickly enough which meant that we were constantly crashing into the banks. After a while my Mum and brother got off and walked back while my Dad and I took the boat slowly back up the river. We got it back onto trailwand slightly annoyed my Dad drove the thing back onto the campsite without putting the mast down and predictably hit a tree en route! Luckily the mast was undamaged but the supporting wires snapped!

It’s quite possible that this was the same trip that we got a puncture in one of the trailer tyres on the way home. It was a bank holiday and nowhere was open so we ended up having to find somewhere to leave the boat and continue the journey without it – we had to drive back down to collect it the following weekend.!


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