11th July

Final day in Newmarket and another nightmare journey to get there. I couldn’t even get onto the motorway today and ended up heading off to go on an alternative route. As I did I managed to clip the back of another car with my wing mirror and god dod he make a fuss about it.

Laurel and Hardy were there again today and about as much use as they were yesterday! Once again I had to find them to get the drive off them to give to the client. ..they had one job…..

At lunch I decided to go for the seafood. For the past few years I’d avoided it after the time I fell ill on the way home and ended up going to hospital in an ambulance. They never did work out if it was sunstroke or food poisoning. But it looked so good and besides I’d spotted the oysters yesterday after I’d eaten and made a decision to have some today – they were beautiful.


The rest of the seafood was by comparison a bit of a let down. The crab was quite bland, the lobster was ok but at least the prawns were nice. The champagne helped of course!

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