26th July

Last year we found out that there was a VW festival in Kent but couldn’t go because SoL clashed with it. So when we found out that this year they were on separate weekends we decided we’d go. We even bought each other tickets as Christmas presents. However that was before all the plans about moving came about and even then we thought we’d be moved by now! As it turned out we exchanged contracts 2 days before we were supposed to be going away to the festival so given that we had so much to do we decided that instead of going for the weekend we’d just go for the day on the Saturday.

It turned out there were two entrances to the site – one for camping and one for day tickets. As weren’t camping we headed for the day entrance and explained the situation. We were given wristbands and pointed to the parking. When we went to put the wristbands on we spotted that they were day wristbands and Sarah was worried because on the site it said we’d have to leave by 5pm. I went back and checked and they said they weren’t enforcing it so that was ok.


Now we’d be looking forward to this for weeks and to be honest once we got on site we found it quite disappointing. When we’ve been to car rallies before (mini and Morris Minor) there’s always been load of cars to look at with their owners proud to show them off and things going on. All we could see that there was on site were a load of shops and the tent with the music in. We wandered round the campsite looking at the campers but it wasn’t the same and you felt a bit like you were intruding.


The food and beer prices were quite expensive too. I felt very ripped off after paying £6 for a chinese meal to find that here were only two bits of beef and a lump of onion in there so effectively I’d payed £6 for a box of rice with sauce on it!! The bar was quite expensive too – over £1 a pint more expensive than SoL. The music that was on while we were there left a lot to be desired and the PA was rubbish.


We took Ben to the kids playground and there were some wacky bikes so me and him had a go on a tandem but just as we stopped he got his shoe caught in the chain and it ripped a huge hole in his shoes, the one Lissi had bought him and he loved, which naturally upset him. He did cheer up when he had a go on the quad bike though. The man was trying to suggest that I go on with him but Ben was having none of it. he did really well considering he’d never driven anything like it before and went round and round the track without any problems.


By this time we’d decided that we were glad we hadn’t come for the whole weekend because we’d done everything in about three and a half hours – as far as we could see it was ok if you’d come in a big group of friends or just wanted to drink all day but we neither applied to us so we decided to head off into Folkestone for the rest of the afternoon. We had a paddle on the beach and then went to have Fish & Chips in a restaurant before heading home again.

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