8th January

One of those curious synchronicities today as one of my Facebook friends mentioned he was drinking Farmhouse Cider in a pub in Frome. I remarked that it reminded me of drinking the stuff in the Rifleman’s in Glastonbury,  which I later found out, has now apparently closed down – oh my God!. Anyway later that evening on Radio 4 there was a program called Mark Steel’s in town where he goes to a particular town and then does a show in front of the locals and takes the piss out of their hometown. Tonight it was Glastonbury – a place I knew well – and I found some of the comments he made to be so funny!

Later in the evening an old friend commented on Facebook that she’d listened and found it funny too so we ended up have a bit of a reminisce about the times we spent there – 100 years ago as she put it. One of the places that was mentioned was Knights Fish and Chip restaurant where we would often eat. I couldn’t at first remember what it looked like but as I’ve slowly worked my way mentally round the town it all came back to me.

I want to go there now – maybe a camping trip during the summer is in order – my friend did say if we went down there I had to let her know and  “we can meet up, eat fish and chips and climb the Tor at midnight with shed loads of cider!” Sounds good to me!

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