13th January

Sarah thinks Jubbly may be suffering from the cat version of IBS and having read up online about it she may have a point. The answer would appear to be to find some food that he can tolerate and to just feed him that – keeping him away from the food that the others eat. However given the fact that it could take a while to find such a food and everytime we give him something different we risk upsetting his stomach again this could be a long slow process.

Sarah is trying to get her project report for her OU course finished as it has to be in tomorrow night so I’ve been keeping out of her way but not so far as I’m occasionally needed to help with things like page numbers and student number in headers. It’s due in tomorrow but hopefully we won’t have the huge 5 minutes to midnight scenario like we usually do!

Uploaded some pictures to Flickr tonight – they were some that I took on holiday in August last year using film – they were all shot using an Agfa Clack – one roll colour, one Black and White. I’d got them developed not long after I got back but sometimes it takes me ages to get round to uploading them. This is often due to the amount of time it takes although sometimes lack of confidence plays a part too.




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