16th February

Had a long lie in today – think without realising it I’d been really tired yesterday which probably explained the grumpiness! When we did get up I wanted to do something so I decided to try and make a start on sorting out the shed (again! ). There were two old computers in there that had come out of the two girls rooms. One worked, one didn’t.  So once I had worked out which was which I set about sorting them.

I took the hard drive out of the broken one and popped it into my external drive enclosure and transferred the data onto the hard drive in the living room.  I took out the memory and put it into the other machine.  This machine I put into Lissi’s room. It took a while to get the wireless working but I got there eventually. However I’d forgotten what it was like for her to have a computer in her room! Firstly she’d rather it was tidy than working and secondly she will fiddle with it! It had only been in there a few minutes when she changed the user name and after that Google Chrome wouldn’t work anymore!

I did have an ulterior motive for sorting out the shed and that was I wanted to put my acoustic guitar back out there.  I’d loaned it to the (mad) lodger’s daughter and while she had it I’d got my electric one out of the garage and fixed it. Yesterday when we went to the garage I’d picked up my guitar stand and now there was a bit more space I put the acoustic in the guitar stand.


Now I just need to find some space for the bass and the keyboards! Oh and the rest of the LPs!!!!!

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