1st March

Oh my god it’s March already!!

Had a nice long lie in today – well not sleeping but Sarah and I sat in bed with PCs and tried to sort out the odds and sods of the rest of the year! Things like the odd night we have between the two weeks of our holidays which we did book a room for last night but as I predicted the man who’s house it was messaged back to say that the price was actually £90 not £25 which came up on the AirB&B site! So we were back to square 1.

We did go out to get mine and Ben’s hair cut and then we went to Asda which was absolutely heaving. We were in there for what seemed forever and were so glad to get out at the end of the shopping.

Back at the house Ben was excitedly waiting to watch a DVD – Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’d shown him it this morning and explained that when we go on holiday in August we are going to see the musical version of it on stage at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall so he might like to watch the DVD and see if he liked it!

I wasn’t sure if he’d enjoyed it until he came into the kitchen and shouted NI! at me! Then Sarah had him running around with two plastic cups instead of coconut shells pretending to be one of the horse! So I think he will enjoy the show!

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